Thursday, May 29, 2008


I have a semi-recommendation today for a Firefox plug-in called Add-Art.

Add-Art removes advertisements on web pages with impressive accuracy, and attempts to replace them with "curated art images". Sometimes the art appears, sometimes it doesn't. That's fine with me - I'd be just as happy if only the ads were removed (which I think is possible, since Add-Art piggybacks on another plugin called Ad Block Plus).

To see Add-Art in action - above we have two views of the first is from Safari, without Add-Art, and the second is from an Add-Art fortified Firefox. Note how Add-Art totally removes the obnoxious Rambo ad. (To appreciate how obnoxious it is, you need to realize that it's animated!)

So far, I've only seen one site ( that gets destroyed due to collateral damage when Add-Art's ad-removal process gets a little too overzealous.

I'll keep the plug-in active until further notice.