Monday, April 6, 2009

Make Me Laugh

Make Me Laugh was a syndicated comedy game show which aired weeknights circa 1979-80.

Contestants played for the incredible sum of $180 - one dollar for every second they could keep a straight face against a comedy barrage from three guest comics (Gary Shandling, Howie Mandel, Bob Saget and Gallagher were all frequent guests).

The show was a source of controversy among my cadre of friends at school during eighth grade. It was always a favorite, but some of us abandoned it in favor of a new import from England called The Benny Hill Show. (We agreed to disagree, but I believe history has proven who made the right call).

Today's clip is from when Frank Zappa appeared as a celebrity guest. (I think I would have started laughing right after the joke at the 3:33 mark).