Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Beatles on Ed Sullivan - 1966

Today's clip of the Beatles' 1966 appearance on Ed Sullivan is fascinating for a number of reasons.

The Beatles weren't there in person, so they sent along "music video" clips for two of their best songs - "Paperback Writer" and "Rain" (the A and B side of an incredibly classic single.) Note that Ringo acts as spokesman for the group during the band's intro.

Photos taken at this performance were used for the back cover of the Revolver album.

If you look very carefully at the beginning of the "Paperback Writer" clip when Paul is looking at a photo - he is looking at the infamous "butcher" photo later used on the Capitol Yesterday and Today album.

Paul has a chipped tooth (from a moped accident in 1965). This is one of the things that would be used as a clue in the "Paul is Dead" nonsense a few years later. (Supposedly, Paul was killed in a car accident - so I guess this was supposed to be "New Paul" in the midst of reconstructive surgeries or something.)

The clips were directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg - who later directed the band's full-length feature Let It Be.