Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kook's Tour

Kook's Tour was the very last thing the Three Stooges ever did as a team. It was a pilot for a travel-themed television series that never sold (and was never really completed) due in large part to Larry Fine's stroke in 1970. (The pilot was shot between '69 and '70).

A finished Kook's Tour was eventually released in the Cartrivision format (a pricey home video format that came and went in the early '70s), and on 8mm film. It is also available on DVD.

Kook's Tour was designed to give the Stooges something a bit more dignified to do in their golden years. As you can see (if you watch this clip) - Moe and Larry wear their "regular" hairstyles, and there is no slapping or eye-poking to be found. Since Moe was about 72 when this was shot, and Larry not much younger, it was probably a good idea.