Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rajah's Bollywood: "Teri Ore" (Singh is Kinngh)

When I first laid eyes on Katrina Kaif (above) performing Teri Ore in Singh is Kinngh - I thought I had discovered the total package - a world-class beauty that can sing and dance with the best of them. This was before I learned that Bollywood actors use “playback singers” to do their singing for them. (The actual singer is Shreya Ghoshal, who is also no slouch in the looks department). Also, after witnessing some really good dancers (Madhuri Dixit and Aishwarya Rai come to mind) - it becomes evident Katrina’s actually no great shakes in that department, either.

But she’s still a world-class beauty. (She was voted Asia's sexiest woman in 2008 and 2009, and was Google India's most-searched celebrity both of those years as well).

And even though this song is the best thing about an otherwise frivolous movie, it's a great song that - should you choose to actually watch it - you won't soon forget.

The guy with Katrina (as if you'd notice) is Akshay Khanna.