Friday, March 6, 2009

Batman and Robin meet Colonel Klink

More Hogan's Heroes frivolity, as everybody's favorite Nazi - Colonel Klink - meets Batman and Robin during an episode of the Batman TV series from 1966.

For being a Nazi on American television, Colonel Klink sure got around. In addition to Hogan's Heroes, Klink made guest appearances on Batman, Laugh-In, The Simpsons, and Hollywood Palace. He even found time to do a Jell-O commercial.

Am not sure how to rectify the "world's colliding" aspect of a character from World War II meeting Batman and Robin the then-current 1960's. I suppose a remarkably well-preserved Klink could have been cleared of any war crimes, and settled nicely in a Gotham city luxury apartment on the interest from looted Nazi gold... but how to explain the inference, at the end, that he still has Colonel Hogan imprisoned?

And can you imagine any two shows - from rival networks and different producers - giving each other a "shout out" like this nowadays?