Saturday, March 21, 2009

Danny Bonaduce

On the days when I drive to work, the radio program I listen to the most is The Danny Bonaduce Show on WYSP. I can't explain exactly why - the show consists mainly of inane banter from Danny about how tough he is, and overplayed hard rock from the 90's.

To give you some idea of the level of intelligence on the show, this past week brought listeners a lengthy discussion from Danny and Company about who would win in a fight between an eagle and a wildcat.

Danny is set to "wrestle" pro Eric Young at an upcoming TNA pay-per-view. Young was the surprise guest on Danny's Friday show, and I'm sure you can all guess what ensued. If you hang in there and watch the whole video, you will be rewarded by witnessing the most-fake slap you've ever seen - followed by a nonsense floor-scuffle between a relatively unknown wrestler and the former Partridge bassist.

To give you some idea of the level of TNA as a wrestling promotion, the WWE has signed Mickey Rourke to be at their next big pay-per-view. TNA has Bonaduce.