Monday, March 2, 2009

Dig It

Above left, we have Philadelphia broadcast pioneer Georgie Woods - an influential DJ from the 1960's, and over on the far right, we have Wee Georgie Wood - a British midget actor who excelled at playing children.

For years, I believed the Georgie Wood mentioned at the end of the Beatles' song "Dig It" was the guy on the left (I've even seen interviews with Georgie Woods asking him about it) - but according to Wikipedia it was the little guy on the right. (And who are we to doubt Wikipedia?)

Since we're discussing "Dig It" - the famous version from the Let It Be album is actually a greatly distilled edit of a much longer performance which can be viewed here. It's from the film version of Let It Be, that is so bogged down by music copyright problems that you'll probably never see the DVD in your lifetime.