Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Goodman Goes Playboy

A few years after Harvey Kurtzman left Mad (the publication he created in 1952) - he started a slightly more risque version called Help! at Warren Publishing.

For Help!, Kurtzman brought along some of his Mad collaborators such as Jack Davis, Will Elder, John Severin, and Al Jaffee. Help! is also where Terry Gilliam met John Cleese - but that's another story...

Today, we look at Goodman Goes Playboy - a parody by Kurtzman and Elder so controversial that it incurred the wrath of Archie Comics and their lawyers. The matter was settled only when Kurtzman and Elder handed over the copyright of the piece to Archie, and signed a contract promising never to publish it again.

You can see for yourself what all the fuss was about here.