Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rocky and Bullwinkle

On this date, fifty years ago, Rocky and His Friends debuted on ABC. It ran for decades - in primetime, Saturday mornings, Sunday mornings, syndication... sometimes known as Rocky and Bullwinkle or just plain Bullwinkle.

One of my earliest memories is of Rocky and Bullwinkle airing on Sunday mornings. I thought it was great because it was a cartoon - I had no idea there was any deep satire going on. To this day, the closing theme to the show reminds me of eating Cheerios and the smell of bacon being cooked in the kitchen.

Today's clip
is a timely Thanksgiving edition of one of the "Mr. Know-it-All" segments. Bullwinkle needs to catch a turkey. You can probably figure out how that's going to go.

By the way, the voice of Rocky - June Foray - is still going strong at age 92.