Friday, August 15, 2008

Solo Cups (Red ones)

This post started to be about Dora Hall, and how her husband (the CEO of the Solo Cup company,) bought her a $400,000 TV special in the late sixties, and put her face on the back of the cup boxes for a bewildered public to ponder throughout the next decade.

It was going to be about all that, but then it started to resemble War and Peace, and quickly wandered into Who Gives a Shit territory. And the payoff, a video clip from one of her specials - looks like a cross between Barney the Dinosaur and Lawrence Welk.

I'd like to salvage all the painstaking research that went into this aborted post by sharing the most interesting fact I discovered from the Wikipedia article on Solo cups:
Red Solo plastic cups have become synonymous with underage drinking and binge drinking in the United States. Although ostensibly first used as a more discreet alternative to simply drinking beer straight from the can or bottle or in a transparent cup, today a red Solo cup, especially in a collegiate setting, is considered more likely to contain an alcoholic beverage than not. Solo cups have become the cup of choice for Beer Pong and Flip Cup on college campuses.

Who knew?