Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Beatles - "All You Need Is Love"

Today is International Beatles Day - aka the day Beatles Rock Band and The Beatles Remasters go on sale.

This week's Entertainment Weekly takes time out from giving Glee an "A" - to rank the Top 50 Beatles songs, and the "Worst 5". I won't bother linking to it - because they picked "All You Need Is Love" as the worst song.

Yes, worse than "Revolution 9", "Mr. Moonlight", "What's the New Mary Jane?" and a few others that actually deserve the title. This, of course, is Entertainment Weekly in "dying for publicity" mode, hoping the mainstream media outlets will pick up on the resultant outrage.

"All You Need Is Love" is actually one of their better songs from a year (1967) when they couldn't do much wrong musically. It is one of the few songs to appear on two different "official" (original) albums (it is also on Yellow Submarine), and it was a #1 single.

I'm not sure if the song was actually recorded live during this performance on the Our World TV special, but that was certainly the impression given.