Friday, September 18, 2009

Name That Unlikely Variety Show Celebrity Team-Up (Part 3)

Time again for America's fastest growing internet phenomenon- Name That Unlikely Variety Show Celebrity Team-Up.

The rules are incredibly simple - I give you the number of celebrities (three), and the year the clip is from (1966). You have to guess the celebrities.

No clues, except that the celebrities are extremely unlikely to be performing together on a variety show. However, today's clip has a bit of a wrinkle - two of the celebrities DID work together frequently around the same time (on a sitcom; one as a regular, one as a recurring character). But the third celebrity is the LAST person you would ever expect to show up - and yet, here it is.

As always, the celebrities in the graphic above are NOT actually in today's clip.

Ready to play? Let's go!