Friday, September 25, 2009

Name That Unlikely Variety Show Celebrity Team-Up (Part 4)

It's that time again. I give you the number of unlikely celebrities (three) and the year (1967) - all you have to do is identify who will appear in the clip.

As with last week, this week's clip is a bit of a cheat. In fact, it's a huge cheat because not only are two of these celebrities forever linked with the same legendary TV series, but they do not actually appear together in the clip. (Well you try coming up with unlikely variety show celebrity team-ups each week!)

I don't usually like to comment on the clips in advance, but I must say that today you will see a TV legend perform the Beatles classic "Norwegian Wood" in a way that you will probably never see again.

As always, the above celebrities do not actually appear in today's clip.

Have your guess ready? Then let's watch.