Sunday, September 27, 2009

Let It Be

Let It Be is the one Beatles film you almost never see on home video. Why? Something to do with copyright and complicated rights for all those old rock and roll songs the band plays throughout it.

Also, it's not a very popular movie. Watching the Beatles more-or-less breaking up while the cameras roll just doesn't have that "feel good" Help! appeal. So there's not a lot of demand for the film - and I'm not entirely convinced people even remember it was a film.

Not that it doesn't have its moments. If you've ever seen the so-called "rooftop concert" footage, it's from here. Also, you get to see the world's most polite (passive aggressive) argument between Paul and George over how George should play on one of Paul's songs.

I saw Let It Be once, on cable, approximately in 1978 or so. I haven't seen it anywhere since. But of course, the entire thing is on YouTube.