Friday, September 4, 2009

Name That Unlikely Variety Show Celebrity Team-Up™

I’d like to introduce a new feature to the site today - Name That Unlikely Variety Show Celebrity Team-Up.

Here’s how we play: I give you the number of celebrities who will be appearing in a video clip from an old (is there any other kind?) variety show, as well as the year it originally aired.

Your job is to use your imagination and think of the most unlikely celebrities that could possibly appear together performing a single song or sketch in a variety show from that particular era.

You may use the celebrity photos above to get your obscure celebrity creative juices flowing... but I must warn you that none of the above pictured celebrities will appear in today’s clip.

Now, today’s clip contains light patter, followed by a musical number from FOUR extremely unlikely celebrities appearing together in a 1969 variety special (hosted by one of the celebrities).

No other clues - just guess.

Now, watch the clip - and see how well reality matches up with your wild guess.