Thursday, October 29, 2009

Beach Boys - "Smiley Smile"

Here's an interesting radio interview with Brian Wilson to promote the then-new Smiley Smile LP in 1967. This is around the time Wilson started to sink into a decades-long depression, so it's interesting to hear him relatively lucid and upbeat here.

Smiley Smile
was once famously described as "a bunt instead of a grand slam" by Carl Wilson in comparison to the fabled Smile album it replaced. Although its a perfectly fine record ("Heroes and Villains" and "Good Vibrations" are classics, and "With Me Tonight" is quite good) - if you listened to the original Smile tracks before hearing how they were re-produced on this album - you'd be terribly disappointed.

Note - the version of "Wind Chimes" played at the end of the video is the unreleased Smile version. Here's the Smiley Smile version.

Sad to think what Brian might have accomplished if he could have held things together back then. More records like Smile (and Pet Sounds) would have been greatly appreciated.