Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Zombies - "Walking in the Sun"

You are forgiven if you were starting to think this had become an all-Beatles fan site. I like other music, but 90% of it just happens to have been released before 1979.

Currently, I am really enjoying The Zombies. Although they weren't phenomenally successful like other Invasion acts, they were remarkably good at crafting short-and-sweet pop songs ("She's Not There", "Tell Her No"), and released one classic album ("Odessey and Oracle" - and yes, that's spelled correctly).

I don't know what record this song - "Walking in the Sun" is from (I downloaded it as part of the Complete Studio Recordings" series on iTunes) - but it's another really beautiful, catchy tune. (And if you don't see it embedded below, click here.)

The Zombies - Walking in the Sun [Overdubbed] [Version]
Found at skreemr.com