Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jermaine Jackson and Devo

The year is 1982. I'm the world's biggest Devo fan, and my heroes are appearing on a lame Grade-C syndicated Halloween special, plugging their then-upcoming album.

There are a number of other "of the moment" acts booked on the show, including Toni Basil performing "Hey Mickey" - with back-up dancing cheerleaders - for the thousandth time.

And then, just as I'm getting ready to ignore Jermaine Jackson - he performs a very Devo-sounding song... with Devo. Why, if it wasn't the lamest, "eighties at its worst" sounding piece of crap ever - I would have been genuinely excited.

Here's the clip. That's the late Fred Travelena reading the introduction straight off a cue card.