Thursday, June 11, 2009

Conan O' Brien

I was surprised to learn today - what with all the talk about Conan O'Brien's dwindling household ratings vs. the Letterman show - that Conan is actually beating the pants off Dave in the coveted 18-49 demographic.

Not only is Conan beating Dave (and Jay Leno's numbers) in the demo, but Jimmy Fallon's ratings are higher than Letterman's in the same category. (Well, there's no accounting for taste.)

Obviously NBC is getting what they wanted all along - a younger audience in late night.

By the way - I was also surprised to learn that I'm still in a coveted demographic. (I thought they didn't care about anyone over 34!)

By the way, I'm digging the new Tonight Show. I know it's basically just Conan's show an hour earlier - but what did you expect? (And for those of you who miss Jay Leno, starting in the Fall - you'll not only get him back five nights a week - you'll get to go to bed a whole hour earlier!)

For those of you who like video links - here's Conan doing his "Conando" sketch. Enjoy!