Friday, June 26, 2009

Post #666 - Jon Lovitz as Satan

Here's my all-time favorite personification of Satan - Jon Lovitz in a cheap devil costume on Saturday Night Live.

Lovitz played a Devil many times on SNL, but he is best remembered for this sketch - a parody of People's Court featuring guest host Rosanna Arquette. The character was so memorable, that even after he left the show, when Rob Schneider played a Devil in a sketch - he did it "as" Lovitz's devil.

By the way, if the audience laughter in this clip seems odd, I believe this is from one of the only (maybe the only) episodes of SNL that was not broadcast live. It was originally pre-empted by the 1986 World Series, and aired a few weeks after it was recorded. I always felt like the final product was heavily edited in post-production, including adding a laugh track (or "sweetening" the laughter somewhat.) See if you agree.