Monday, June 8, 2009

Gary Coleman

There's lots and lots of Gary Coleman on YouTube, and today we're celebrating the once-beloved TV superstar turned bitter midget.

First, here's Gary in a humiliating margarine commercial. Next up, Gary gets hit over the head with a guitar by Jeff Jarrett at a WCW pay-per-view (witness a knocked-out Gary still desperately trying to keep his sponsor's cap on his head). From there, Gary exploits his lousy credit history for (The director adds a comical "car crash" at the end for no discernable reason).

But wait, there's more...

Here's Gary being a dick over some guy taking video of him without paying (with special guest Chewbacca signing autographs in the background). Here he is hawking 99.25% APR loans (loan shark rates, for again). And last (but certainly not least), here's Gary on Divorce Court.