Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Seekers - "I'll Never Find Another You"

I've written about The Seekers before, but today I'm not only linking to a performance of my favorite song of theirs, but also to a dramatic recreation of the story of its recording.

The clip is from The World of the Seekers - an Australian TV documentary of the band shown in 1968. The Seekers were Australian, but that didn't stop them from turning up on several "British Invasion" CD collections released over the years. They also were a folk act (the upright bass should have been a dead giveaway), but their biggest hits are considered pop classics.

The secret weapon of The Seekers was lead singer Judith Durham; she had one of the strongest voices ever in popular music. However, Bruce Woodley (above, right) has also built a reputation as a songwriter - co-writing "Red Rubber Ball" with Paul Simon.