Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ringo Starr: "You're Sixteen"

Here's an interesting clip - Ringo Starr and Carrie Fisher in a video for Ringo's 1973 version of "You're Sixteen".

Carrie actually was 16 in 1973 - but this clip is from Ringo's 1978 TV special; she's about 21 here, and Star Wars was still playing in theaters.

Although I don't link to many Ringo performances (unless you count this one), there was a time - around '73 or '74 - when he was considered as prolific a hit-maker as the other Beatles. (Check out the albums Ringo and Goodnight Vienna for examples). However, by the time this TV special aired in '78 - he had just been dropped by Atlantic Records, and was about to be dumped by Polydor - his days as a mega-selling recording artist were already behind him.

The animation in the video looks kind of ridiculous now, but was considered quite "cutting edge" for it's time.