Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Golem Universe Gives Back™

Two charities were brought to my attention today, and I'd like to kick off a new label devoted to "giving back" to these worthy causes by publicizing their respective causes from my massively popular bully pulpit.

Help Save Radio - The Recording Industry wants Congress to tax local radio stations that play music. This seems like a particularly dumb thing to do, since they've always relied on free publicity from radio airplay to survive. The real problem I have with this, is that it might result in 24 hours of shit like "Matt and Huggy" littering the radio airwaves. Sign this petition if you agree.

Save the Mummers - OK, I despise the Mummers Parade and always have. However, I understand that the parade is having money problems these days due to lack of support from the City of Philadelphia. They have the support of Philadelphia native Kevin Bacon, which is a good thing. Unfortunately, Bacon's support is based on sales of a charity CD by The Bacon Brothers Band. Since nobody is ever going to buy this, I am directing your attention to this site, which let's you contribute directly without buying some crappy CD that nobody wants.

Thank You.