Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Beatles Remasters

I somehow missed last month's announcement that the Beatles catalogue has been remastered for release this September (9/9/9 - the same day as the Beatles/Rock Band game).

This is great news - especially for anyone who has listened to the Abbey Road or Rubber Soul CDs lately; they sound terrible compared with just about any major CD release in the past fifteen years.

I'm a bit concerned that there appear to be no bonus tracks on any of the discs - despite the ready availability of plenty of unreleased material on bootlegs.

Also unfortunate - it looks like they're selling the mono versions as a separate package. (You get to pay for the same album twice!) Rhino offers the mono tracks on the same CD for The Monkees, and Capitol did the same for the Beatles' U.S. albums, and the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds.

Anyway - I can't wait to hear these new re-masters. And, of course, I'll probably buy the whole set.