Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lois Lane: I am Curious (Black)!

Here we have "I am Curious (Black)!" - a preposterous story from Lois Lane issue #106 (November, 1970.)

Yes, Lois becomes "black" for 24-hours thanks to a crazy-ass machine that Superman keeps at the Fortress of Solitude for no apparent reason. She needs to do this, because nobody in "Little Africa" (Metropolis' "black" section - I'm not making this up) will cooperate with "whitey" - thus thwarting her plans to do a big story on the area for the Daily Planet.

I wonder if "Little Africa" is the correct term for the neighborhood, or just something that "whitey" says when there are no blacks within earshot?

I was looking for some way to share the comic's contents with my loyal readers, and luckily some wonderful blogger has scanned the whole thing right here.

Dig Superman's less-than-heroic excuses when "Black Lois" asks him if he would still marry her - post-makeover.

Update: Adding to the "what in God's name were they thinking?" factor of this comic - the story's title "I am Curious (Black)!" is based on a popular X-rated film of the time called "I am Curious (Yellow)".