Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Oh Happy Day

Here's Larry Hooper from The Lawrence Welk Show singing "Oh Happy Day".

Why am I linking to this? Well, two reasons. For one thing, let's marvel at the incredibly DEEP voice of Larry Hooper. Seriously, the cat could give Tony the Tiger a run for his money. When this aired, in 1977, Hooper had just recovered from an illness - so he's not 100%... but still quite impressive.

My second reason for linking to this involves a prank played by Howie Mandel before his live comedy shows. He plays the clip of Hooper singing "Oh Happy Day" on an endless loop; it usually takes audiences about five-six minutes to realize what's going on. After ten minutes they're yelling at the screen. After twenty minutes, they're pulling their hair out.

Someone simulated a ten minute version here, now imagine sitting through a version twice as long.