Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fridays / 3 Stooges Sketch

Hey - here's another sketch from Fridays - that fondly-remembered comedy show from the early '80s.

This one is interesting for a lot of reasons. First of all, it's a Three Stooges parody - and that's a young Larry David imitating Larry Fine. (Bruce Mahler - the Seinfeld rabbi -as Moe, and the always excellent John Roarke as Curly.)

Since this was the early '80s - drug humor was at an all-time high (so to speak). It was just before the whole Nancy Reagan "just say no" purge that pretty much banished this type of comedy from American television.

Fridays reveled in drug humor; I can think of least two recurring characters that were solely about drugs and getting high. And the Los Angeles audiences just loved this type of comedy.

And so here we have the Three Stooges getting high. Just one problem - the estate of Moe Howard didn't find it the least bit amusing. They sued, and this sketch was never aired again. (If I recall correctly, Fridays did a non-drug Stooges sketch soon after this... I guess it wasn't as funny, because they never did another).

So enjoy this - a slice of what "drug humor" was like just before it was effectively banned from TV and movies, and a pretty decent Three Stooges impression as well.