Monday, May 18, 2009

Don Pardo

News comes today that Don Pardo - the voice of Saturday Night Live for every season except one (back in the early '80s they foolishly tried someone else) is retiring.

I was thinking of Pardo at the end of Saturday's episode. I knew he was in his 90s (91, actually) - and would probably be stepping away from the show one way or the other soon. Turns out it was very soon - Saturday was his last show.

Pardo's voice gave the show instant credibility back when it debuted as an uneven, counter-culture comedy/music show in 1975. He's been a significant part of the show's legacy ever since, so it's a shame to hear him go.

Here's a classic clip of Don from The Price is Right - way back when it was a completely different show in (presumably) the '50s.