Thursday, June 12, 2008

Gordon Solie

Well you have to give me some credit, I went forty posts without linking to a Pro Wrestling video. (And since this one is a whopping nine minutes, you might say I am making up for lost time).

If you grew up in Philadelphia, like I did, you probably didn't get to see very much of Gordon Solie - an announcer for the NWA (National Wrestling Alliance) usually referred to as the "Walter Cronkite of Wrestling". Gordon ended his career calling WCW matches on TBS - but he was best known for his work with the Georgia and Florida territories.

Gordon's announce-style lent the sport an unprecedented gravitas; he could call a match between two midgets dressed as cowboys with the same degree of respect usually reserved for an Ali-Frazier bout.

Today's video has everything - deranged satanists (Kevin Sullivan and Bob Roop), a mock award ceremony featuring the world's skinniest heavyweight (Kendell Windham), a wrestler pretending to be a reporter (Luna Vachon, masquerading as 'Trudy Herd'), Kevin Sullivan punching a woman in the face, and best of all - Gordon, on the phone with the "Championship Wrestling from Florida" committee - as serious as a heart attack.

I realize nine minutes is a lot to ask, so if you want to cut through some of the bullshit, skip the first three (It's mostly just Kevin Sullivan doing his crazy satan-worshiper schtick - which gets old fast).