Sunday, December 6, 2009

DVR Alert: "A Face in the Crowd" (TCM)

Quick movie plug for A Face in the Crowd on TCM this Tuesday at 10:15 pm EDT. (And while you're up - go ahead and watch The Third Man afterward).

Face in the Crowd was rumored to be based on the career of Arthur Godfrey. In this case, the lead character is called "Lonesome Rhodes" - a small-town hick who becomes a very powerful and influential radio star.

Besides being an excellent movie, with memorable performances from Patricia Neal and Walter Matthau, Face in the Crowd contains an unforgettable performance from Andy Griffith (above). In fact, he plays such an unlikeable jerk in this, you may never look at him the same way again.

Some people see a little bit of Howard Stern in "Lonesome Rhodes" (and lately, Glenn Beck). See it for yourself. Here's the trailer.