Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gap Commercials

Speaking of GAP commercials - it's high time to look back at a series of ads that ran in the late '90s featuring a large cast of young models pretending to sing (at least I think they were pretending...)

These were very popular at the time, and played in heavy rotation during network prime-time.

Not much to say about them except... hey, isn't that Rashida Jones at 0:14? Why, yes it is!

She might be in this one, too - but who can tell?

She's more obvious in this one at 0:26. (I actually think this clip is when the whole series kind of "jumped the shark" if you ask me).

Update: Am told by Sir Rubik's Cubicle that the guy on the left in the above picture is Phantom Planet lead singer Alex Greenwald.