Thursday, December 31, 2009

Top 30 Celebrity Deaths of 2009 (Part 6 of 6)

1. Harry Kalas (above)
So much a part of my youth and overall enjoyment of the game of baseball. I considered myself blessed to grow up in a city with such commentators as Kalas and Rich Ashburn.

2. Bea Arthur
Deadpan comedienne, hilarious in two classic series - Maude in the '70s and Golden Girls in the '80s.

3. Jose "Pepe" Gonzales
Influential comic artist - brought a cinematic quality to his artwork, most notably as primary artist on Vampirella in the '70s and '80s.

4. Mollie Sugden
I do believe that had she worked in America, Mollie would be a celebrated comedienne on a par with Lucille Ball.

5. Ricardo Montalban
In Star Trek, Planet of the Apes, Fantasy Island... Montalban was good at everything I've seen him do.