Saturday, December 19, 2009

Paul McCartney - "Wonderful Christmastime"

'79 was an exciting time to be a Paul McCartney fan. Wings had just released an memorable album (Back to the Egg), and a great single ("Goodnight Tonight" b/w "Daytime Nighttime Suffering"). And McCartney himself finished up the year with this one-off Christmas single that went on to be a beloved standard.

I remember this fondly because my sister and her then-boyfriend were able to buy me the single the night before it was officially released. I felt like an incredible Beatles insider because I had the new McCartney single a few hours before the rest of the world.

This record marked a few turning points in McCartney history. I believe it was (at the time) his last record for Capitol in America. I forget the exact details, but he jumped ship to Columbia Records right after its release.

It also marked the end of Wings. Although the break-up was not official at this point, beginning with this record - no new McCartney material would ever be credited to Wings again.