Monday, December 28, 2009

Sing Along with Mitch

Sing Along with Mitch is a show I distinctly remember seeing as a child, but the date of its run (1961-1966 on NBC) makes it likely that I am remembering a repeat (I was born in '65, but anything's possible).

Lots to see in today's clip. There's the always insincere and belligerent Milton Berle. Car 54's Joe E. Ross (dressed as a policeman?) and, of course, Mitch himself. Also, among the background singers is Bob McGrath - aka "Bob" from Sesame Street, and Leslie Uggams.

Mitch, who as a big-shot at Columbia Records passed on Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly (He disliked rock 'n roll) is still alive at age 98.

Update: Due to overwhelming demand, here's the (brief) Joe E. Ross cameo.